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Embedded System
Project ID
Project Title
TruPES0101 Bluetooth GPS Application Based On Latitude And Longitude For Child Tracking Model.
TruPES0102 Communication approach through handheld devices for Disabled patient based on morse code
TruPES0103 A Wireless Health Monitoring System Using Mobile Phone Accessories
TruPES0104 Monitoring physiological variables of mining workers at high altitude
TruPES0105 Wearable Medical Sensor Based System Design A Survey
TruPES0106 An Empirical Study on Engineering a Real World Smart Ward Using Pervasive Technologies
TruPES0107 Novel Approach to Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring based on Transmittance and Refraction of Visible Laser Light
TruPES0108 Feasibility Study for Unconstrained Respiration Monitoring based on Multi-Way Approach Using an Acceleration and Force Sensing Module
TruPES0109 Sleep Sense: A Noncontact and Cost-Effective Sleep Monitoring System
TruPES0110 Private and Secured Medical Data Transmission and Analysis for Wireless Sensing Healthcare System
TruPES0111 Self powered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring.
TruPES0112 A Wireless Sensor Monitoring Node Based on Automatic Tracking Solar-powered Panel for Paddy Field Environment
TruPES0113 Towards an Energy-Efficient Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection Engine for Embedded System
TruPES0114 Global optimal energy management control strategies for connected four-wheel-drive Hybrid electric vehicles
TruPES0115 Design of a Solar Power Electronic Voting Machine
TruPES0116 Survey on Flooding Detection System using Internet of things.
TruPES0117 Structural Health Monitoring Framework Based on Internet of Things: A Survey
TruPES0118 Access Control Schemes for Implantable Medical Devices: A Survey
TruPES0119 An Arduino-based subsystem for controlling UAVs through GSM
TruPES0120 Anti-theft protection of vehicle by GSM & GPS with fingerprint verification
TruPES0121 Design and implementation of real time transformer health monitoring system using GSM technology
TruPES0122 Embedded Control System for Smart Walking Assistance Device
TruPES0123 Direct and indirect sensing two-axis solar tracking system
TruPES0124 Efficient Visual Obstacle Avoidance for Robotic Mower
TruPES0125 A smart meter design and implementation using ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid
TruPES0126 Microcontroller based Digital Energy Meter with Alert System using GSM
TruPES0127 Child Safety Wearable Device
TruPES0128 RFID-based Production Data Analysis in an IoT-enabled Smart Job-shop
TruPES0129 A Smart System Connecting e-Health Sensors and the Cloud
TruPES0130 Web based automatic irrigation system using wireless sensor network
TruPES0131 A low cost smart irrigation control system
TruPES0132 Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined with Mobile RFID System
TruPES0133 Low Cost Assistive Outdoor Navigation System for Blind People
TruPES0134 Petrol Bunk Automation with prepaid cards and GSM Communication identification
TruPES0135 Driving Parameters Analysis System
TruPES0136 Smart helmet
TruPES0137 Wheel Therapy Chair: A smart system for disabled person with therapy facility
TruPES0138 Fire fighting Robots with night vision camera
TruPES0139 Women Safety
TruPES0140 Survey on Flooding Detection System using Internet of Things
TruPES0141 Mining Human Activity Patterns from Smart Home Big Data for Healthcare Applications
TruPES0142 Anti-theft Protection of Vehicle by GSM & GPS with Fingerprint Verification
TruPES0143 A Low Cost Automated Fluid Control Device using Smart Phone for Medical Application
TruPES0144 A Two-level Traffic Light Control Strategy for Preventing Incident-Based Urban Traffic Congestion


VLSI Projects
Project ID
Project Title
TruPVL0145 High-Throughput Area-Efficient Processor for Cryptography
TruPVL0146 A CMOS Ultra wideband Pulse Generator for 3–5 GHz Applications
TruPVL0147 A Power-Efficient Reconfigurable Output-Capacitor-Less Low-Drop-Out Regulator for Low-Power Analog Sensing Front-End
TruPVL0148 Analysis and Design of the Classical CMOS Schmitt Trigger in Subthreshold Operation
TruPVL0149 28-nm Latch-Type Sense Amplifier Modification for Coupling Suppression
TruPVL0150 Low-Computing-Load, High-Parallelism Detection method based on Chebyshev Iteration for Massive MIMO Systems with VLSI Architecture
TruPVL0151 Novel Radiation-Hardened-by-Design (RHBD)12T Memory Cell for Aerospace Applications in Nanoscale CMOS Technology
TruPVL0152 VLSI Implementation of a Cost-Efficient Micro Control Unit With an Asymmetric Encryption for Wireless Body Sensor Networks
TruPVL0153 Ultra-Low Power, Highly Reliable, and Nonvolatile Hybrid MTJ/CMOS Based Full-Adder for Future VLSI Design
TruPVL0154 Reliability Enhancement of Low-Power Sequential Circuits Using Reconfigurable Pulsed Latches
TruPVL0155 Area and Energy-Efficient Complementary Dual-Modular Redundancy Dynamic Memory for Space Applications
TruPVL0156 Dual-Quality 4:2 Compressors for Utilizing in Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers
TruPVL0157 Design of Power and Area Efficient Approximate Multipliers
TruPVL0158 RoBA Multiplier: A Rounding-Based Approximate Multiplier for High- Speed yet Energy-Efficient Digital Signal Processing
TruPVL0159 A Compact-Area Low-VDD min 6T SRAM With Improvement in Cell Stability, Read Speed, and Write Margin Using a Dual-Split-Control- Assist Scheme
TruPVL0160 Stable, Reliable and Bit-Interleaving 12T SRAM for Space Applications: A Device Circuit Co-design
TruPVL0161 Pre-Charged Local Bit-Line Sharing SRAM Architecture for Near- Threshold Operation Language: CMOS Design
TruPVL0162 10T SRAM Using Half-VDD Precharge and Row-Wise Dynamically Powered Read Port for Low Switching Power and Ultralow RBL Leakage
TruPVL0163 Content Addressable Memory—Early Predict and Terminate Precharge of Match-Line
TruPVL0164 Modeling and Mitigation of Static Noise Margin Variation in Subthreshold SRAM Cells
TruPVL0165 Designing RF Ring Oscillator using Current-mode Technology
TruPVL0166 A Low-Energy Machine-Learning Classifier Based on Clocked Comparators for Direct Inference on Analog Sensors
TruPVL0167 Single-Event Performance of Sense-Amplifier Based Flip-Flop Design in a 16-nm Bulk FinFET CMOS Process
TruPVL0168 Design of Approximate Radix-4 Booth Multipliers for Error Tolerant Computing
TruPVL0169 Design of Low-Voltage High-Speed CML D-Latches in Nanometer CMOS Technologies
TruPVL0170 Low power-delay-product dynamic CMOS circuit design techniques
TruPVL0171 A Power-Efficient Signal-Specific ADC for Sensor-Interface Applications
TruPVL0172 OTA-Based Logarithmic Circuit for Arbitrary Input Signal and Its Application
TruPVL0173 Low-Cost Sorting Network Circuits Using Unary Processing
TruPVL0174 Algorithm and VLSI Architecture Design of Proportionate-Type LMS Adaptive Filters for Sparse System Identification
TruPVL0175 Taming Spatiotemporal Chaos in Forced Memristive Array
TruPVL0176 Bandwidth Enhancement to Continuous-Time Input Pipeline ADCs
TruPVL0177 A DfT Insertion Methodology to Scannable Q-Flop Elements
TruPVL0178 A Dual-Data Line Read Scheme for High-Speed Low-Energy Resistive Nonvolatile Memories
TruPVL0179 Single-Chip Design for Intelligent Surveillance System
TruPVL0180 High-Density SOT-MRAM Based on Shared Bitline Structure
TruPVL0181 A Changing-Reference Parasitic-Matching Sensing Circuit for 3-D Vertical RRAM
TruPVL0182 Design and Analysis of Energy-Efficient and Reliable 3-D ReRAM Cross-Point Array System
TruPVL0183 Stateful Memristor-Based Search Architecture
TruPVL0184 Robust Design-for-Security Architecture for Enabling Trust in IC Manufacturing and Test
TruPVL0185 DCMCS: Highly Robust Low-Power Differential Current-Mode Clocking and Synthesis
TruPVL0186 Viewer-Aware Intelligent Efficient Mobile Video Embedded Memory
TruPVL0187 Scalable Symbolic Simulation Based Automatic Correction of Modern Processors
TruPVL0188 Configurable Logic Operations Using Hybrid CRS-CMOS Cells
TruPVL0189 Thermal Management of Batteries Using Super capacitor Hybrid Architecture With Idle Period Insertion Strategy
TruPVL0190 Three-Dimensional Pipeline ADC Utilizing TSV/Design Optimization and Memristor Ratioed Logic
TruPVL0191 Energy- and Area-Efficient Spin–Orbit Torque Nonvolatile Flip-Flop for Power Gating Architecture
TruPVL0192 Cascade and LC Ladder-Based Filter Realizations Using Synchronous Time- Mode Signal Processing
TruPVL0193 Multilevel Half-Rate Phase Detector for Clock and Data Recovery Circuits
TruPVL0194 Zero-Power Feed-Forward Spur Cancelation for Supply Regulated CMOS Ring PLLs
TruPVL0195 Systematic Design of an Approximate Adder The Optimized Lower Part Constant- ORAdder
TruPVL0196 A Framework for Enabling Fast Voltage Over scaling Simulation for Approximate Computing Circuits
TruPVL0197 Vector Processing-Aware Advanced Clock-Gating Techniques for Low-Power Fused Multiply-Add
TruPVL0198 On Synthesizing Memristor Base Logic Circuits With Minimal Operational Pulses
TruPVL0199 Secure Double Rate Registers as an RTL Countermeasure Against Power Analysis Attacks
TruPVL0200 Duty-Cycle-Based Controlled Physical Unclonable Function
TruPVL0201 Improving Error Correction Codes for Multiple-Cell Upsets in Space Applications
TruPVL0202 Toward an Energy Efficient High-Voltage Compliant Visual Intracortical Multichannel Stimulator
TruPVL0203 Design Considerations for Energy-Efficient and Variation-Tolerant Nonvolatile Logic
TruPVL0204 Stream Processing Dual-Track CGRA for Object Inference
TruPVL0205 Toward Energy-Efficient Stochastic Circuits Using Parallel Sobol Sequences